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Have some questions about what to submit for us to be able to print? Below is a list of frequently asked questions that can help you decide the best way to export and submit artwork to us.

What type of files should I upload?

The most common file type we accept is PDF. We do also accept TIFF, and SVG, however we prefer to use PDF as it is easy to convert to and easy to edit.

What color mode should I submit my files in?

CMYK. Many people don't see the difference between CMYK and RGB as they appear so similar. However, as our printers only use CMYK color coding it is sometimes hard to reach those RGB color codes. Below is an example:

What resolution should my file be at?

For the best print quality we recommend at least 300 DPI. That gives us enough image quality to work with and be sure your prints turn out without any 'fuzzy' images. Below are two different examples of image quality:

What is 'Rich Black' and how do I get it?

Rich black is a deeper darker black than just 100% K or black ink. Rich black uses a CMYK color build that creates a much more full-bodied look to any black colored print jobs. Below is an example of rich black versus standard black ink and their CMYK build:

How do I set up the bleed?

It is important to set up the bleed as you do not want artwork to be cut off in the printing or bindery processes. Setting up a bleed within your artwork is just adding extra artwork to the finish size to allow for the final printed quality. Common bleed size is typically .125 or .0625 depending on the actual artwork. A diagram of the bleed line, and cut line is pictured below:

dpi comparison.png
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