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A Word About Fonts

Fonts can be a very important part of your design. No matter if it’s a business card, logo, or sign, ensuring that your fonts are correct is an important part of maintaining a brand identity. We have a huge library of typefaces from well-known type foundries, but today there are literally millions of fonts available […]

Wide Format Printing Guide

This guide is intended to help you set up files for wide-format printing. Wide-format printing can be tricky, because of the file sizes and dimensions of images being edited, it can be hard to ensure that your file will print correctly. The main issue that we see with files submitted for print is mixing RGB […]

File Setup For Digital Printing

Setting up a file correctly for printing can be tricky. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you through the process. For our digital printing environment, all documents should be submitted as .pdf files, with all fonts outlined or embedded, and all content created in a CMYK color space. All raster images (ie., .jpeg, […]