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Business Cards


Akuafoil is a shiny, flat foil that is printed on the material of your choice. You can choose between 150 different metallic and dull colors.



Edge cards allow for shaped edges as well as a basic thick black edge on your business card.



Natural gives an earthy tone to your cards with the cream colored base.


Rasied Foil

Raised foil gives a shiny and physical highlight to any artwork or design on your cards. You have the option of Gold, Silver, or Holographic (as seen in the photo below).

raised foil 2_edited.jpg


Silk is similar to Akuafoil, except there is a physical difference. Silk is laminated on the card where the Akuafoil is printed. You can choose between black, red, blue, copper, gold, and silver.


Brown Kraft

Brown Kraft cards give a rough unfinished look that is warm and inviting.

brown kraft_edited.jpg


Luster is a high gloss, thick, water resistant and durable finish. Round corners are optional.


Painted Edge

Painted edge cards come in many different colors. With the painted edge style, the card has a nice thick finish and sturdiness.

painted edge_edited.jpg

Raised Spot UV

Similar to the Raised Foil, Raised Spot UV gives a physical highlight of any color. Instead of a metallic shine you get a glossy luster of the design.

spot raised uv_edited.jpg


Suede is a velvet smooth finish with a matte look.


For questions, more information, and more products contact our shop at (406-)752-8720.

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