A Word About Fonts

Fonts can be a very important part of your design. No matter if it’s a business card, logo, or sign, ensuring that your fonts are correct is an important part of maintaining a brand identity. We have a huge library of typefaces from well-known type foundries, but today there are literally millions of fonts available on the web, which complicated the issue considerably. More than one font may share a name, or we may simply be unable to find the font that was used online. We can print any font that is embedded in the file. Another option is to simply provide the font file itself, enabling us to open the file with the font intact. Probably the most reliable and easiest option is to simply outline the fonts in Adobe Illustrator, ensuring that their appearance will remain exactly as you wanted it. If you are having difficulties, please feel free to contact us and our helpful design staff will get you pointed in the right direction.